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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 7, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> here's what people are
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talking about today. yet another rainy day, one with several pretty heavy downpours already. and more to come. the early ones made for a rough morning but the rain is also wreaking havoc by saturating the ground still wet from hurricane irene. live look outside now, we'll show you the dark clouds haven't gone anywhere and are setting the stage for more rain today. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. derek valcourt will look at the damage and marty bass is tracking in the first warning weather center. >> good afternoon, it's a bad scene. no other way to describe it. a bad scene. first warning doppler in motion shows this rain moving straight south-to-north literally going over the west side of the beltway and moving itself over the entire area. if you go from i-83 straight south to the west of that line. i want to expand this out for a second. we are not done.
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there's even more coming our way along that same line. that is probably a flurry of warnings, not watches. but of warnings. let's go to the graphic now. anne arundel county, flash flood warnings, this is going to be west anne arundel county primarily. until 2:30. western baltimore county, until 2:30. the west side of baltimore city until 12:45. carroll county until 2:30. charles county 1:45. howard county right now until 2:30. montgomery county 2:30. i take that back, montgomery county, principlely along the potomac until 9:00 tonight. i think you get the idea. can we go back to first warning doppler weather radar? along a line where we're seeing the heaviest of rain this afternoon. we could pick up an additional two inches of rain between now and the evening
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news. on the low end, east side of town, east side, anne arundel county along the bay may be just a quarter to 3/4 inch of rain. let's look at rainfall totals just from the past 48 hours. we're talking -- i'm going to look at the west side here. let's say columbia, 1.4 -- heck, by the evening news it will be 3.49. westminster 1.39. the same deal, anywhere west -- divide your screen right down the center. heading more west, could conceivably see a couple of inches of rain just this afternoon. we're not done. there's rain in the forecast through tomorrow night. this is a bad scene. first warning weather and more coming up shortly. back to you. >> thank you very much. first weather coverage continues with derek valcourt who has more on how all this rain is causing trouble for trees and just about anything near them.
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>> reporter: let's be clear, we're not talking about hurricane irene here. she did plenty of damage last week. but all this rain we're getting now over the last few days has taken down quite a few trees and knocked out power to plenty of folks. with the damage from hurricane irene still all over the ground another storm is already wreaking havoc taking out more trees in our area. check out what happened on weatherstill road in baltimore county, a massive tree fell across the road damaging a porch. professional arborists like scott meyers say the trees are more vulnerable to uprooting from gusts of wind. >> over the last week or so i've seen a lot of trees that uprooted in situations just like this. >> reporter: city police are warning drivers, avoid parking under large trees. teacher mildred harris got her lesson the hard way. >> i thought the odds of it falling is -- it's not going to happen, you know? if -- if it was going to
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happen it would have happened with irene. >> reporter: minutes later it did, on top of her car. >> i'm just happy no one got hurt and no one was driving. that could have been dangerous. >> reporter: others have concern trees near their home could be next. >> it could hit someone in the head. >> reporter: bge had 200 out of state crews here for irene in town to help with the latest storm. now they are warning with dangerous leaning trees customers who just got the lights back on could soon be in the dark again. those bge repair crews just can't catch a break. right now they are dealing with more power outages. a late check just at this hour, some 4,400 bge customers still in the dark. no electricity right now. most of them up in the carroll county area, a good 3,300 of them up there. back to you. >> thank you very much. we urge you to stay
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with us for the latest on the forecast, rain totals and more, and also before all this rain the heat was a major issue here. we're learning now it claimed more lives than originally thought. 32 people have died this year, the same number as last year but as you can see it's a big jump from 2009. july was the hottest month on record for baltimore. the prime suspect in the disappearance of a maryland woman goes before a judge in aruba. gary giordano is asking an appeals court to reverse an order keeping him in jail another 60 days. the gehrig man was the -- gaithersburg man was the last person to see robyn gardner alive in aruba. and police doubt his story. police in nevada are trying to figure out what sent off a shooting spree frightening members of the national guard and others in a restaurant in carson city. karen brown reports for wjz, a man with a rifle killed four people, then shot himself. >> reporter: crime scene tape blocks off the carson city
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restaurant where a gunman took four lives. police say 32-year-old eduardo cencion opened fire with an ak-47 assault rifle on national guard members eating breakfast at the hop. fred was at another table and witnessed the massacre. >> we thought it was fireworks. all of a sudden the glass starlighted to shatter. my partners went under the table and i stayed up and watched what was happening and unfolding. >> reporter: three national guard members were killed. along with a female customer. seven others wounded. police say the man died after shooting himself in the head. investigators found even more firepower in the van he borrowed to get to the restaurant. >> one was a pistol. the other was an assault rifle variation. >> reporter: authorities are trying to figure out what set the suspect off. he had no known connection to the military but once inside this restaurant witnesses say he targeted the troops in uniform. >> he was firing at them, the
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military personnel. 20, 25 rounds. they didn't stand a chance. >> reporter: family members say cencion was mentally unstable. >> i feel sorry about what he did. i never taught him to do something like that. >> reporter: stunned residents gathered in carson city last night to pray and pay respects. karen brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> police say the man didn't have a criminal record. a baltimore city employee at a gas station is stabbed to death and police say they arrested a person. 28-year-old terence fitzhugh is charged with murder. police say he followed david mclaughlin to a gas station after a dispute. he was a department of works employee. the head of the baltimore city school system has a new responsibility, one that will give him a lot more students to worry about.
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the school ceo andres alonso has been appointed to the board of the national assessment of educational progress, the group that tests students across the country on various subjects every year and that evaluates their performance comparing them to each other. nfl regular season ready to kick off. for the ravens that means taking on one of the biggest rivals, the pittsburgh steelers. ron matz is at with more on today's fan cam. i'm ready, are you? >> reporter: couldn't be more ready, jess. you don't have to say much more than this, ravens, steelers. the nfl's most heated rivalry is center stage at m&t m&t stadium on sunday. every once in a while you come across a football game that speaks for itself. baltimore against pittsburgh says it all. in the nfl, it doesn't get any more intense than this. the ravens saw their super bowl hopes slip away in the afc divisional playoff game last year. the steelers have knocked the
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ravens out of the playoffs, two of the last three seasons. so ravens fans say it's our time and can smell an opening day victory. >> i think we're going to come out on top. maybe two or three points. i'm saying 16-13. >> sure like the ravens. i think they are going to win and win it by at least a touchdown. >> oh, i think the ravens are going to kick them on sunday. yes. go ravens! >> i think it's the ravens' year. as far as the score? 30-27, ravens. >> hopefully ravens will come out on top. go ravens. >> we're tired, we're tired, we're tired and it's our time! it's our time! i'm as excited as ron matz has ever been. >> reporter: thank you very much, ed, appreciate that. the oddsmakers installed the ravens as 2.5-point favorites. some tickets are selling for over $1,000. it promises to be a exciting
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and emotional sunday at m&t bank stadium. you can see rebecca is excited before the seasons begins. >> thank you. if you don't have tickets not to worry. tune in, right here to wjz 13 sunday at 1:00 to see the ravens and steelers. the only place on tv to see the game live. now you can sign up for the football challenge. pit yourself against our team of experts. love that. go to and click on the sports section. there are weekly winners and grand prize winner. sign up now. >> i'm signed up. ready to go. the first game has to be picked by tomorrow night. still to come on eyewitness news at noon, out of control. firefighters call for outside help to deal with raging wildfires in texas. >> and another legal victory for amanda knox in italy. is the american co-ed any closer to being free? >> another day of rain. how long before we see the
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sun again? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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continue to burn out of control across central texas as firefighters struggle to keep up. officials say strong winds are only fueling the huge fires that killed at least four people. fires destroyed more than 1,000 homes, many evacuated residents say they don't know if they have a house to go home to. >> things are rough. everything's left behind. i don't know if i have a house or not. possibly not the way the fire is going. >> there's a lot of people that have lost everything. that hurt. our hearts go out to them. >> on the ground 45 square miles are charred and a lead search team has been called in to help firefighters look for more bodies. in italy, student amanda knox may be closer to getting her murder conviction overturned. a judge denied a prosecution request for more dna testing in the case. the prosecutors want to counter the results of an independent review that harshly
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criticizes the way the evidence was collected in the case. amanda knox maintains her innocence. still ahead at noon -- a cold and wet wednesday with more rain on the way. your updated forecast is two and-a-half minutes away. >> first, let's look at today's midday stocks to be followed by last night's mega millions. medicare. it doesn't cover everything.
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i'm not going to trip anybody up. this is a bad scene. the beginning of what is going to be a bad scene this afternoon. let's look at first warning doppler weather radar. keep in mind we've already had in many cases over the past 48 hours about an inch and-a-half of rain. wherever you see the red -- this is interesting, it's easy to read going straight south-to-north, wherever you are in the line of fire that rain, you could easily pick up two more inches of rain this afternoon. that would bring rainfall totals let's just say like columbia, westminster, to the same amount of rain we saw during hurricane irene. and there is more rain coming tonight and tomorrow. moving up from the south, the remnants, not the storm, the remnants of tropical storm lee. you move this line over 5, 10 miles and you change the angle of attack and it's the same net result but for a different
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location. let's certainly hope this continues to stream over the same area. and doesn't last the next five or six hours. talking about tropical storm lee. in the tropics, it's starting to get convoluted. we'll get to lee in a second. you know katia gets out of here before long. it's when it makes the northeast turn we -- now look on out to the south at the south and east. tropical storm maria. here's the spaghetti plot on maria. right now barring a change it looks like this well organized tropical storm is going to potentially get into the atlantic basin. plots are all over the place right now, but we have to watch this one very, very closely. it could be another huge source of rain, probably at the end of next week. i haven't --
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conversationally speaking, wherever you see the bright green, with the exception of montgomery county, with a flash flood warning in effect until 2:30, montgomery county, about 9:00. i think counties adjacent to the potomac river are going to be under a flash flood warning. that's going to be extended out through the night as well. water that hit western maryland, they've had heavy rains we're getting now the past day and-a-half. slowing downstream through the potomac water shed. it's a bad scene. 77 now, 93% humidity. winds southeast at 10. 14 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. about 30% more humid. we've got an 80-degree reading at pax river. still looking at cooler temperatures in western maryland where frankly they are raining heavy the past day and-a-half. 77 columbia, 68 westminster. low 80s at kent island and rock hall. it's pretty simple what is going on. tropical flow straight up, just straight up from the south. you can see where it's bending around the area of
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dominant influence, of what is katia sitting out to sea. which isn't directly but indirectly affecting our weather. it's probably going to take until friday before we bust this up. today going for a high of 81. continued rain and heavy at times. tonight, continued rain, couple of thunderstorms, 07. tomorrow 81. here's the deal, we've been talking about trees and roots and spongy ground and potential of more power lines coming down. fortunately we don't have a huge wind. if, however, we get a thunderstorm you're going to get a huge wind. you got to pay attention to this one. this is a bad scene. >> marty, thank ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in our health watch -- all the anti-smoking pangs appear to be paying off. americans are smoking less. statistics show a million fewer people are smoking in the u.s., the cdc credits higher prices and anti-smoking exaips for the decline. the 5-day forecast coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. the 5-day forecast shows relief but not for at least 48 hours. >> have a great day.
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